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Kitoula’s Lentil soup Lentil soup recipe that works for vegans or those fasting for Lent

Kitoula’s Greek salad dressing Kitoula’s quick and easy way to make Greek salad dressing / vinaigrette

Kitoula’s Chicken Kapama Kitoula’s Recipe of the Week: Chicken with Rice “Chicken Kapama”

AJ’s cafe Assembly Line Concert II In 2010, AJ’s cafe in Ferndale Michigan tried to beat their Guinness World record for the longest attended concert with 314 hours of continuous music performances.

2011 NAIAS A brief music driven look at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit

The Urbane Way – Gardner-White #2 The second in a series for “If This Couch Could Talk

The Urbane Way – Gardner-White #1 The first in a series for “If This Couch Could Talk

Two Hungry Dudes is a premier video of a visit to1917 American Bistro in Detroit. Two Hungry Dudes: Joe Hakim and Henry Balanon with guest David Murray.

Kitoula’s Potato Salad made just like her Yiayia’s. See how she does it.

iMatter 4 Kids is about a new program that is changing the lives of thousands of children. Interviews with parents, teachers, school administrators and – most importantly – children as well as the program innovator help explain why this program is important. Take a moment to find out for yourself.