More Videos

The Good Fight An EMMY® award winning documentary about the life of UAW President Walter Reuther, narrated by Ossie Davis. This half hour television program was produced for the 90th birthday celebration of the former UAW leader and American icon.

Strength in Solidarity A motivational music video about unions and how they have built the American middle-class.

A Voice of Dignity This short documentary about the life of UAW President Leonard Woodcock was narrated by Eli Wallach. Produced for the former UAW president’s memorial service, it commemorates his life both within and outside the UAW.

New Century, New Campaign A documentary focusing on America’s Trade policies and the effects those policies have on workers.

Buyer’s Guide A 30 second, fast-paced music video, produced as an internet gateway to a site listing all of the more than 100 vehicles UAW members assemble.

America is A Union Produced as the opening anthem for the UAW’s 2003 Constitutional Convention, this video commemorates the more than 1000 union members who were killed on 9/11.

Sisters A documentary produced for the 50th anniversary of the UAW’s Women’s Department.

Worried 03 A 2008 political campaign video about the future and how economic difficulties will worsen under a John McCain presidency.

Breath 04 A 2008 political campaign video about the importance of health care for children with asthma and how John McCain’s plan would cost citizens a lot of money.

Kentucky State Workers Membership – A video for state workers in Kentucky who wish to become members of a union. Including interviews with state workers about the benefits of union membership.