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Stanley and Stella = Fafoutee

Stanley and Stella “We don’t bite!”

John and Katherine Hammond have two dogs, Stanley and Stella. They are Yorkies rescued from a puppy mill. Stella is a sweetheart. Stanley is a comedian. His hind legs get ahead of him, so he walks sideways like he’s drunk. And poor Stanley has no teeth. So when they were thinking about a new name for their video production company, they couldn’t get Stanley, and his lack of teeth out of their minds. Fafoutee! (spelled phonetically) is the Greek word for toothless.

Since John retired from his role as Executive Producer of Electronic Media at the International UAW, he has been making videos for businesses large and small, and non-profit organizations. He has also been working on digital documentaries that educate and inform.  Katherine has been involved in developing Digital Content Strategy for large corporations and ad agencies. They work together and independently depending on the project and always follow Fafoutee’s motto when it comes to pricing – “We Don’t Bite!”