Detroit: A Phoenix Rising

Trailer: Detroit: A Phoenix Rising

Detroit: A Phoenix Rising focuses on the impact of racism on the current economic and political crisis in Detroit. Our belief is that Detroit is the harbinger of conditions faced by many people of color, and their communities, who live in major American metropolitan cities. For decades Detroit was the last stop on the Underground Railroad toward freedom in Canada. Simultaneous to that history, Detroit, as well as all Northern cities, embraced slavery. This dichotomy is at the core of our documentary. Through interviews with historians, economists, community and political activists, religious leaders and others we look into the phenomenon of what is at the core of America’s racist culture. Slavery and its offspring, Jim Crow, established a set of rules; one set for whites, another set for people of color. This design, which was established early in American culture continues to inform the American Dream and puts not only our people, but our entire country at risk of being torn apart politically, economically, culturally and eventually, militarily. There are ways that can change. It comes in the form of the very people who have been most affected. By not buying in to the culture of the oppressed, by standing up and denying the “slave mentality” of the past, by accepting that history can influence today, we can see a future where equality can meet reality.”  John Hammond