About Fafoutee

John and Katherine Hammond have two dogs, Stanley and Stella. They are Yorkies rescued from a puppy mill. Stella is a sweetheart. Stanley is a comedian. His hind legs get ahead of him, so he walks sideways like he’s drunk. And Stanley has only four teeth. They’re all snaggle.

So when they were thinking about a new name for their video production company, they couldn’t get Stanley, and his four snaggle teeth out of their minds. Like a bell that rang clean and clear: Fafoutee! Fafoutee (spelled phonetically) is the Greek word for toothless. The tag line followed effortlessly: We don’t bite.

Many thanks to Christopher Ochs for the logo and animation. Chris took concept drawings and turned them into exactly what was envisioned.

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We don’t bite.

Stella and Stanley

Stella and Stanley